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Alexis in 2005

I'm born 1974-05-18 in Stockholm, Sweden, where I since March 2007 am a research associate in astronomy at Stockholm Observatory. Before that, I spent 2.5 years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto. I acquired my Ph.D. from Stockholm Observatory in 2003 on the subject "Young stars and circumstellar disks". As an undergraduate, I studied engineering physics at the Royal Institute of Technology, where I got my M.Sc. in 1998. I've compiled a list of courses I studied, and a list of grades I gave the lecturers of those courses.

I've always been addicted to astronomy. Before it became my full-time job, I was into amateur astronomy, and still am when I find the time. From 8:th grade and onward I used to visit the STockholm AmateuRs (STAR) regularly. Since 1998, I have combined my interests of astronomy and computers by programming StarStrider together with my friend Markus Dimdal.

I believe one of the great gifts of life is pasta with tomato sauce. Together with my friend Pasta-Calle we have perfected a recipe of tomato sauce.

I enjoy listening to many different kinds of music. Unfortunately, in April 2006 I became deaf on my right ear ("sudden sensorineural hearing loss", one of the great mysteries of medical science), so now I'm limited to mono.

Since 2003, I have been documenting parts of my life with a digital camera. The results can be seen in my photo gallery (these images are password protected. If you can't guess the username and password, mail me and I'll send it to you).

Religiously/philosophically I associate to the agnostics, i.e. those who believe that absolute knowledge is impossible. This harmonizes well with the scientific method, which, after all, only is a way to try to prevent fooling yourself.

I've written a page with frequently asked questions I get.

My love is named Erika. By now, we have been dating for