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Courses I've studied (in chronological order within subject). One academic point corresponds to one week of full time studies.


Linear algebra, 4p
Calculus, 12p
Vectorcalculus, 4p
Complex variables, 4p
Probability theory and statistics, 6p
Differential equations and transforms, 6p
Algebra & Combinatorics, 6p
Abstract algebra, 4p
Mathematical analysis, 6p
Matrix groups, 4p
Chaotic dynamical systems, 4p
Lie groups and algebras, 4p
Integration theory, 5p
Probability theory, 5p


Wave theory, 4p
Thermodynamics, 4p
Basic mechanics, 6p
Field and wave electromagnetics, 6p
Mathematical methods of physics, 4p
Theory of relativity, 4p
Mechanics, continuation course, 4p
Quantum physics, 11p
Subatomic physics, 4p
Symmetries in physics, 4p
Statistical mechanics, 4p
Classical dynamical systems, 4p
Quantum mechanics, first advanced course, 5p


Modern astronomy, 10p (SU)
Astroparticle physics, 4p
Astrophysics, 3p
Stellar structure and evolution, 3p
Astrophysical radiation processes, 5p (SU)
Space physics, 3p
Galaxies and galactic dynamics, 5p (SU)
The physics of interstellar media 5p (SU)
Master thesis: The fractal structure of interstellar clouds, 20p

Computer Science

Introduction to computer science, 8p
Programing paradigms, 4p
Nummerical methods, 4p
Algorithms and complexity, 4p


Ecology and environment, 4p
Solid mechanics, 6p
Theory of electrical circuits and measurements, 4p
Theory of regulating dynamical systems, 4p
Electronics, 5p
Photographical techniques, 5p
History of physics, 3p
Science philosophy, 5p
Spanish, 4p

Graduate courses

Astrophysical radiation processes (same as above), 5p
Stellar structure and evolution, 5p
Astroparticel physics and cosmology, 5p
Atomic and molecular physics, 5p
Inverse problems in astrophysics, 5p
Galaxies and galactic dynamics, 5p
Summer school on radiative transfer, 2p
Numerical exercise in hydrodynamics, 5p
The physics of the interstellar medium, 5p
Stellar atmospheres and radiative transfer, 5p
Gas dynamics, 5p
Observational experience, 2p
Cosmic Magnetic Fields, 5p
Numerical exercise in ISM, 5p