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This is how I graded the lecturers I had as a student. Note that these grades only reflect the performance of a lecturer as I subjectively experienced it during a specific course. The grades are thus strongly biased to be higher for courses I experienced as entertaining / useful. I'm quite happy with the lecturers I've had in general, as can be seen from the average grade of 3.4 out of 5.

1 = bad, 2 = OK, 3 = good, 4 = better, 5 = best.

Grade 5

Dan Laksov, Algebra advanced course, 4p
Jouko Mickelsson, Relativity theory, 4p and Quantum mechanics advanced course 1, 5p
Kimmo Eriksson, Linear algebra, 4p
Lars Bergström, Astropartikel physics and cosmology, 5p (FK)
Lasse Svensson, Calculus, 12p and Differential equations and transforms, 6p
Mats Boij, Matrix groups, 4p
Peter Siklosi, INDA, 8p
Viggo Kann, Algorithms and complexity, 4p

Grade 4

Aage Sandqvist, Modern astronomy, 10p (SU) and Astrophysics, 3p
Anders Björner, Algebra & combinatorics, 6p
Arne Johnson, Subatomic physics, 4p
Claes-Ingvar Björnsson, Atomic and molecular physics, 5p
Edwin Langmann, Classical dynamical systems, 4p
Gerd Eriksson, Numerical methods, 4p
Gunnar Englund, Mathematical statistics, 6p
Göran Manneberg, Wave theory , 4p
Göran Grimvall, Thermodynamics, 4p
Gösta Gahm, Astrophysics, 3p
Henrik Christiansson, Mathematical methods of physics, 4p
Jan Högbom, Modern astronomy, 10p (SU)
Lars Holst, Probabiliy theory , 5p
Nicholas Apazidis, Mechanics, advanced course, 4p
Nikolai Piskunov, Inverse prolems in astrophysics, 5p
Peter Lundqvist, Physics of the interstellar medium, 5p (SU) and Physics of the interstellar medium, advanced course, 5p
Roland Svensson, Astrophysical radiation processes, 5p (SU)
Torbjörn Kolsrud, Elementary differential geometry , 4p

Grade 3

Alf Isaksson, Theory of regulating dynamical systems, 4p
Anders Boberg, Technical photografi, 5p
Carl-Olov Stawström, Electronics, 5p
Christian Munthe, Science philosophy, 5p
Claes Blomberg, Statistical mechanics, 4p
Dan Kiselman, Stellar atmospheres and radiation transport, 5p
Garrelt Mellema, Stellar structure and evolution, 5p (SU)
Gunnar Petterson, Electrodynamics, 6p
Göran Scharmer, Stellar astmospheres and radiative transfer, 5p
Håkan Salwén, Science philosophy, 5p
Håkan Snellman, Astroparticelphysics, 4p och Elementary particel physics, 4p
Ingemar Nåsell, Differential equations and transformer, 6p
Joakim Halen, Programing paradigms, 4p
Leif Svanblom, Ecology and environment, 4p
Michael Benedicks, Chaotic dynamical systems, 4p
Michael Shapiro, Lie groups, 4p
Olle Edholm, Quantum mechanics , 11p
Olle Stormark, Complex analysis , 4p
Pawel Artymowicz, Galaxies and galactic dynamics, 5p (SU) and Galaxies and galactic dynamics, advance course , 5p
Per Carlsson, Subatomic physics, 4p and Astroparticel physics, 4p
Perarvid Skoog, Ecology and environment, 4p
Peter Gudmunsson, Solid mechanics , 6p
Sergei Silvestrov, Lie groups, 4p
Sören Häggqvist, Science philosophy,5p
Thomas Kaiserfeld, History of Physics, 3p
Tony Burden, Basic mechanics, 6p

Grade 2

Elisabeth Rachlew-Källne, Quantum physics , 11p
Eva Pohl, Ecology and environment, 4p
Hanno Essen, Basic mechanics, 6p
Michael Benedicks, Mathematical analysis , 6p
Göran Lindblad, Symmetries in physics, 4p
Ulf Ekenberg, Vector analysis, 4p och Quantum mechanics , 11p

Grade 1

Bengt Lärka, Theory of electrical circuits and measurements, 4p