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Astronomical links

Essential tools for the astronomer

SIMBAD - find data and publications associated with almost any celestial object.

VIZIER - find catalogued data in a huge online library.

The Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System - search for astronomy abstracts, with most full papers being online.

SkyView virtual observatory - download images of any patch of the sky - in a multitude of wavelengths, and with catalogue overlays.

StarAlt - determine the visibility of targets from anywhere on Earth.

Minor Planet Center - keeps track on all those asteroids, and more.

NIST atomic line list - high-quality atomic data. - a large selection of java based statistical tools. In particular, I've found the binomial confidence interval estimator very useful.

Astronomical journals

Astronomy & Astrophysics

Astrophysical Journal

Astronomical Journal - online e-preprint service. Keep up-to-date with the astronomical literature by visiting this link every day!

The Star Formation Newsletter - collects the most relevant abstracts in the form of a monthly newsletter.

Observatories I frequent

European Southern Observatory - homepage of the most influential observatory.

Las Campanas Observatory - home of the Magellans.

Gemini Observatory - with telescopes in both hemispheres.

Stockholm Observatory - where I got my Ph.D. in Sweden.

University of Toronto - a previous home in Canada.

Fun links

Sky Tonight - astronomical newswire.

Astronomy picture of the day - every day, a new amazing picture of the universe we live in.

StarStrider - a 3D planetarium software I wrote together with my friend Markus Dimdal. - loads of information of the eight planets in our solar system, and more.