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This is a list of publications where I have been involved (updated 2009-08-26). They are listed in roughly reverse chronological order within each category. A more up-to-date list of the scientific publications might be found at the Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS).

Refereed journals

26) Gas emission from debris disks around A and F stars
Kyryl Zagorovsky, Alexis Brandeker, and Yanqin Wu (submitted to ApJ 2009)

25) A sub-millimetre search for cold extended debris disks in the β Pictoris moving group
Ricky Nilsson, René Liseau, Alexis Brandeker, Göran Olofsson, Christoffer Risacher, Malcolm Fridlund, and Göran Pilbratt (submitted to A&A 2009)

24) Can the radial brightness profiles of young debris disks constrain their gas content?
Alexander Krivov, Fabian Herrmann, Alexis Brandeker, and Philippe Thébault (accepted by A&A 2009)

23) Disk Braking in young Stars: Probing Rotation in Chamaeleon I and Taurus-Auriga
Duy Nguyen, Ray Jayawardhana, Marten van Kerkwijk, Alexis Brandeker, Aleks Scholz, and Ivana Damjanov in ApJ, 695, 1648 (2009)

22) How Variable is Accretion in Young Stars?
Duy Nguyen, Aleks Scholz, Marten van Kerkwijk, Ray Jayawardhana, and Alexis Brandeker in ApJ, 694, L153 (2009)

21) Lithium depletion of nearby young stellar associations
Erin Mentuch, Alexis Brandeker, Marten van Kerkwijk, and Ray Jayawardhana in ApJ, 689, 1127 (2008)

20) A Multiplicity Census of Young Stars in Chamaeleon I
David Lafrenière, Ray Jayawardhana, Alexis Brandeker, Mirza Ahmic, and Marten van Kerkwijk in ApJ, 683, 844 (2008)

19) q1 Eridani: a solar type star with a planet and a dust belt
René Liseau, Christophe Risacher, Alexis Brandeker et al. in A&A 480, L47 (2008)

18) A comprehensive view of circumstellar disks in Chamaeleon I: infrared excess, accretion signatures, and binarity
Ivana Damjanov et al. (incl. Alexis Brandeker) in ApJ, 670, 1337 (2007)

17) Survival of icy grains in debris discs. The role of photosputtering
Anna Grigorieva, Philippe Thébault, Pawel Artymowicz, and Alexis Brandeker in A&A, 475, 755 (2007)

16) Multiplicity among young brown dwarfs and very low mass stars
Mirza Ahmic, Ray Jayawardhana, Alexis Brandeker, Alexander Scholz, Marten H. van Kerkwijk, Eduardo Delgado Donate, and Dirk Froebrich in ApJ, 671, 2074 (2007)

15) Rotation and activity of pre-main-sequence stars
Alexander Scholz, Jaime Coffey, Alexis Brandeker, and Ray Jayawardhana in ApJ, 662, 1254 (2007)

14) Simultaneous x-ray, radio, near-infrared, and optical monitoring of young stellar objects in the Coronet cluster
Jan Forbrich et al. (incl. Alexis Brandeker) in A&A, 464, 1003 (2006)

13) Infrared spectroscopy of the ultra-low-mass binary Oph 162225-240515
Alexis Brandeker, Ray Jayawardhana, Valentin D. Ivanov, and Radostin Kurtev in ApJ, 653, L61 (2006)

12) Deficit of wide binaries in the η Chamaeleontis young cluster
Alexis Brandeker, Ray Jayawardhana, Parandis Khavari, Karl E. Haisch, Jr., and Diego Mardones in ApJ, 652, 1572 (2006)

11) Accretion disks around young stars: lifetimes, disk locking and variability
Ray Jayawardhana, Jaime Coffey, Alexander Scholz, Alexis Brandeker, and Marten van Kerkwijk in ApJ, 648, 1206 (2006)

10) Braking the gas in the β Pictoris disk
Rodrigo Fernández, Alexis Brandeker, and Yanqin Wu in ApJ, 643, 509 (2006)

9) Whims of an accreting young brown dwarf: exploring the emission-line variability of 2MASSW J1207334-393254
Alexander Scholz, Ray Jayawardhana, and Alexis Brandeker in ApJ, 629, L41 (2005)

8) The magnetic properties of an L dwarf derived from simultaneous radio, x-ray, and Ha observations
Edo Berger et al. (incl. Alexis Brandeker) in ApJ, 627, 960 (2005)

7) The spatial structure of the β Pictoris gas disk
Alexis Brandeker, René Liseau, Göran Olofsson, and Malcolm Fridlund in A&A, 413, 681 (2004)

6) Keck adaptive optics imaging of nearby young stars:
detection of close multiple systems

Alexis Brandeker, Ray Jayawardhana and Joan Najita in AJ, 126, 2009 (2003)

5) The 1.2 mm image of the β Pictoris disk
René Liseau, Alexis Brandeker, Malcolm Fridlund , Göran Olofsson,
Taku Takeuchi and Pawel Artymowics in A&A, 402, 183 (2003)

4) First detection of NH3 (JK=1-0) from a dark cloud
René Liseau, Bengt Larsson, Alexis Brandeker et al. in A&A, 402, L73 (2003)

3) Widespread atomic gas emission reveals the rotation of the β Pictoris disk
Göran Olofsson, René Liseau and Alexis Brandeker in ApJ, 563, L77 (2001)

2) Discovery of a new companion and evidence of a circumprimary disk:
adaptive optics imaging of the young multiple system VW Chamaeleontis

Alexis Brandeker, René Liseau, Pawel Artymowicz and Ray Jayawardhana in ApJ, 561, L199 (2001)

1) Discovery of close companions to the nearby young stars HD 199143 and HD 358623
Ray Jayawardhana and Alexis Brandeker in ApJ, 561, L111 (2001)

Other scientific publications

Optical spectroscopy of XTE J1817-330 in outburst
M. A. P. Torres, D. Steeghs, J. McClintock, M. Garcia, A. Brandeker, Duy Nguyen, P. G. Jonker, and J. M. Miller in The Astronomer's Telegram, #749 (2006).

Nova in the Small Magellanic Cloud 2005
E. Mason, A. Brandeker, A. Ederoclite, M. Della Valle, and W. Liller in IAU Circular 8582 (2005).

Nova in the Small Magellanic Cloud 2005
E. Mason, A. Brandeker, A. Ederoclite, and M. Della Valle in Central Bureau Electronic Telegram 195 (2005).

Young stars and circumstellar disks
Alexis Brandeker, PhD thesis (2003). [pdf (2.5MB)]
Defended 2003-12-19, see announcement (in Swedish).
See also my thesis page.

Close Companions to Nearby Young Stars from Adaptive Optics Imaging on VLT and Keck
Karl Haisch, Ray Jayawardhana, Alexis Brandeker, and Diego Mardones, in the proceedings of Science with Adaptive Optics, Eds. W. Brandner & M. Kasper (2004) [astro-ph/0311318]

Multiple T Tauri stars
Alexis Brandeker, in proceedings from IAU Symp. 221, Star Formation at High Angular Resolution, Eds. R. Jayawardhana, M.G. Burton, & T.L. Bourke (2003) [astro-ph/0309481]

The gas disk of β Pictoris
Alexis Brandeker, René Liseau, Göran Olofsson, and Malcolm Fridlund, in proceedings from Debris disks and the formation of planets, Eds. L. Caroff & D. Backman (2002)

Keck Adaptive Optics Imaging of Nearby Young Stars
Ray Jayawardhana and Alexis Brandeker, poster at American Astronomical Society Meeting 199, #156.02 (2001)

Post-processing adaptive optics observations
René Liseau and Alexis Brandeker, poster at the conference Space and Ground Based Optical & Infrared Interferometry in Leiden, 2000 September 18-22.

The Fractal Structure of Interstellar Clouds
Alexis Brandeker (master thesis report from 1998, 60 pages) [pdf (1.1MB)]

Other publications

β Pictoris - en nyckel till planetbildning? (β Pictoris - a key to planet formation?) in Populär Astronomi #4, August 2004 [Article in pdf (800 kB)]

I wrote the practical problem set for the International Astronomy Olympiad of 2003 (for 15-19 years old students):
Problem 1 (on the light speed) [pdf (30kB)] (ask me for the solution)
Problem 2 (on Saturn's mass) [pdf (139kB)] (ask me for the solution)

I've spent a few Saturdays in 2003 talking about basic astronomical topics on the local radio station P5. The specific dates were 2003-01-25, 2003-03-15, 2003-04-12, 2003-05-17, 2003-06-21, and 2003-08-02.

My discovery and naming of the asteroid (36614) Saltis received surprisingly plenty of media attention. News items were published in the news papers Dagens Nyheter 2003-01-11, Svenska Dagbladet 2003-01-11, Metro 2003-01-13, Göteborgsposten and Jönköpingssposten. I was interviewed in the newspapers Stockholm City 2003-01-13 (here's the interview), Saltsjöbladet and Nacka-Värmdöposten 2003-01-21. I was phone interviewed by the local radio station P5 2003-01-11 and again in their studio 2003-01-13. I gave an interview on the Swedish TV news channel SVT24 2003-01-11. Saltsjöbadens samskola made use of Saltis in large advertisements published in DN På stan, Expressen, Stockholm City 2003-02-17 and Nacka-Värmdöposten. I was interviewed by the childrens TV program Lattjo lajban on TV4. On 2003-02-17 I gave a talk on Saltis to Lions Saltsjöbaden, and on 2003-05-15 I a similar talk to Saltsjöbadens hembygdsförening. It's just amazing how much attention a scientifically insignificant discovery like this can generate! Out of the numerous similar articles on Saltis I selected this one for my publications page.

En bit av södra månen (A part of the southern moon), in Stella #3, 2001 [Article in pdf (159 kB)]

Astronomisk bildbehandling del 2 (Astronomical image processing, part 2), in Stella #3, 2001 [Article in pdf (90 kB)]

Astronomisk bildbehandling del 1 (Astronomical image processing, part 1), in Stella #1, 2001 [Article in pdf (391 kB)]

Sök utomjordiskt liv med din hemdator: SETI@home (Search for extraterrestrial life with your home computer: SETI@home), in Populär Astronomi #3, September 2001

I was interviewed by Martin Appel about SETI@home; published in Sök utomjordiskt liv med din hemdator: SETI@home (Search for extraterrestrial life with your home computer: SETI@home), in PC för alla #10, 2001

I was interviewed by Eva Barkeman about SETI@home; published in Jaga utomjordingar med din egen dator (Hunt aliens with your computer), in Aftonbladet, 2001-02-25 pp.43-44

I paricipated in the TV show Ramp: om rymden (Ramp: about space), broadcast first time 2001-03-27 in SVT 2

My picture of the Total Solar Eclipse 1999 was published on the cover of Astro, #4, 1999, in the book Astronomisk Årsbok 1999 by Anders Larsson and Johan Schildt (INOVA 2000), in the recruiting broschure of the faculty of natural sciences and mathematics at the Stockholm university (2000) and on three different recruiting posters that could be seen in the Stockholm subway during spring 2001/2002/2003. The picture was also featured in an exhibition by Margareta Malmort that was shown on libraries around Stockholm in 2000/2001.

My picture of the comet Hale-Bopp was published in the books Fusion: A voyage through the plasma universe by Hans Wilhelmsson (1999 Institute of Physics publishing) and Solsystemet i tid och rum (The solar system through time and space) by Nils Brenning, Gösta Gahm and Bosse Falk (Graphium Norstedts Media 1999).

I was interviewed by radio Stockholm about comets, 1997-03-22

I wrote the background material for an artical about the current night sky in the Plaza magazine (1996 or 1997).

Determination of orbital elements, Alexis Brandeker and Maja Knezevic in the IAYC`96 Report (1996). [text in pdf (12 kB)]

Himmelska koordinater (Celestial coordinates), in Stella #1, 1995.
[article in html]

In the newspaper Dagens Nyheter 1995-07-04 and 1995-07-12 I argue that it is reasonable to be sceptical about statements regarding visiting extraterrestrials. [the relevant letters to the press: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]

In the newspaper Dagens Nyheter 1991-10-10 and 1993-04-2x I defend the usage of the dating system YYYY-MM-DD. [the relevant letters to the press: 1, 2, 3 and 4, 5]

En annan sols stjärnhimmel (the celestial sky of a different sun) Alexis Brandeker 1992, written essay (Swedish specialarbete) at Brännkyrka gymnasium. [text in pdf (137 kB)]

I wrote a not-very-serious horoscope in the even-less-serious school magazine B-posten that was published by some class mates in our senior highschool Brännkyrka gymnasium (1992).

During the years 1991-1993 I wrote over 1000 contributions to the discussion groups R20_ASTRONOMI, R20_FYSIK and R20_MATEMATIK in the Swedish Fidonet, a network of connected Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).

A picture of my elementary school class was featured in the periodical DN Runt Stan 1987-10-21, p.6. [picture (317 kB)]

Den första fyrkanten (the first square) An astronomy/space school magazine I wrote with a total of 3 issues in 1982. Definitely my first publication. I kept a copy of the third and last issue. [text in pdf (2.2 MB)]